Book an energetic treatment during your stay at Casa Balins. We look forward to your reservation.

Restoring the balance of the chakras & energetic points, bringing the physical, mental and emotional body back into balance. A journey where, since the operator is just a channel, the intelligent energy rebalances the whole being.

Further mapping through the axiatonal lines.
These are extended points of the meridians. Wider than those normally used in acupuncture. An alignment with genetics and DNA which brings more information and light.

Symbol reiki

By simply tapping on a few traditional acupuncture points, without the use of needles and through a thorough examination to release blockages, old beliefs and habits.

These are all valuable, simple and synergistic tools that free our being, our true essence… to remind us that you are perfect just the way you are!

Before any conditioning remember yourself,
remember your beginning
Your joy is my joy, this is the gift and the invitation.

The sessions are intimate and sacred encounters with ourselves that transcends any technique. She is just the instrument, the key that opens the door.
Gatita is just a channel listening to the music… and the universe joins in.